PLAZE Loyalty & Rewards

Commercial Free music - Loyalty perks for customers


PLAZE Loyalty & Rewards is a free music perk for your company. It’s simple! Customers download the app and enter a redemption code sent from your brand. Your subscribers immediately get three months of music and you pay nothing. A simple, cost effective and highly engaging way to create deeper brand loyalty and user retention with your customers. Contact us for a demo and have a listen!


PLAZE Music & Loyalty for Your Brand

Music is an “emotional” medium, driving loyalty and engagement—Gallup data suggests consumers with strong emotional connections will visit brands 32% more and spend 46% more

96% of consumers are more likely to remember a brand if it is paired with music (Leicester University)

Americans are spending more time streaming music than ever before (32 hours per week), and streaming is expected to grow 192% by 2019 (MIDiA Research)

Acquiring a new customers is 5-25x more expensive than retaining an existing one (Harvard Business Review)—let PLAZE music help retain your customers


PLAZE Loyalty & Rewards Value

Brand differentiation: Unique “free music” perk leading to deeper brand loyalty

Word of mouth marketing: Socializing your brand and creating more awareness

Monetization potential: Increase sales and foot traffic

Effective customer retention: Deliver exclusive coupons and promotions to customers while they listen

PLAZE Loyalty & Rewards Pricing

Free to your customers!


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